Are You Looking for Authentic, Easy to Implement, (Almost) Done for You Strategies to Grow Your Holistic or Wellness Business to Create The Life You’ve Always Imagined?

If You Said, “Yes!” to That Simple Question, Keep Reading to Learn How You Can Transform Your Business From “How?” to “Wow!”

As a certified business and marketing coach, long-time Master level practitioner of Reiki, EFT, and student of a variety of energy healing techniques and metaphysical “woo woo” courses, I meet and work with many people in the holistic and/or wellness industry. My dream is pretty simple and one that I believe in wholeheartedly: I want to help you share your message with as many people as possible because, even if they don’t know it yet, they need you.

Hello, I’m Vickieaka Vee, your premier business coach, welcome! It’s wonderful to “meet” you 🙂 Coaching with me offers a highly interactive, personalized approach that’s tailored to each individual’s needs. In a private, supportive atmosphere I help my clients strive for and get the professional growth they’re looking for. Consider me your personal cheerleader and chief marketing strategist. No matter what your long or short-term business goals are, I’ll be there every step of the way cheering for you, helping you stay motivated and action-oriented so you meet and achieve the level of success you want… and beyond.


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Just A Few Benefits of Coaching

  • You no longer have to try figure everything out all alone
  • A tremendous feeling of accomplishment when you reach goal after goal!
  • More focus, clarity, and motivation to live life on your terms
  • Confidence to be the most authentic YOU in your business
  • Step by step strategies to help you grow your business
  • Private community for networking and support
  • Potential joint-ventures with new business friends
  • Leverage your services to give the best client support
  • Simple systems – work less, stress less, earn more
  • Potential increase in income = invaluable!
  • Steady flow of income instead of unpredictable or non-existent
  • Branding on point with your mission and values
  • Get seen so you can help more people who are searching for you
  • Work with more clients who are a good “fit” for you
  • Become known as the expert in your field – locally or globally

bwa-card-fanPersonalized Business Coaching Available

You’ll get immediate access to my exclusive online VIP Client Center and intuitive & Courageous Coaching Methods® in every contact, whether we’re communicating via phone, email, in a group, or personal chat.

  • Business Growth , Professional Development, Career & Life Balance
  • Branding With Archetypes® (FREE!)
  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets®
  • Create Your “Signature” System®
  • Profit Pyramid To Keep Clients Coming Back®
  • Create Packages That Sell Themselves®
  • Charge What You’re Worth & GET IT!®
  • Marketing & Social Media Checklists, Handouts & More (FREE!)


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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

People need you! Isn’t this why you started your business, because you want to help others? Let’s get to it and make sure your business is “out there” and they can find you.  Sign up below to get your 100% FREE, no obligation Branding With Archetypes assessment and personalized report today. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the business of YOUR dreams!

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